About the Coaches

In my first 30 years, I built a life, it took me another 15 years to realize that I've been thinking wrong things about myself all these years. I acted only with my mind. I have never taken the time to listen properly and to feel my emotions.

Hello my name is Bruno and I am a certified energy facilitator for energetic healing. Energy healing is the quintessence of the balance of your energy potentials as well as the detoxification of your body. Your self-healing powers get activated by unblocking energy flows. Energy healing takes the entire range of the physical, mental and emotional unity of man into account

Energy healing builds inner strength and facilitates  intuition and self-development. The intense flow of energy that comes with a session makes us feel more alive. After an energetic - session  we are more relaxed, fresh and concentrated.

In the last years, I have developed a concept based on my personal experience. My focus lies on the shadow work of the inner child. Every session I give is individual and attuned to you. Working with energy is my passion, which I exercise with gratitude and with a great sense of freedom. For me, it goes without saying that I carry out my energy work to the best of my conscience.

We've designed this retreat to give you the balance of relaxation and personal development. We believe that it is important to provide tools that you can use after the retreat to bring you back into balance. We invite you to a profound and transforming experience.

See you soon, I'm looking forward to seeing you!

Yours,  Bruno

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Hello, my name is Verena and I am a nutritionist and life coach. In your retreat, I'll show you how to learn to take responsibility for yourself and how to take your life in your own hands.  Herefore I give you in my coachings tools that help you to build up inner strength and confidence in life. Furthermore, I show you how nutrition affects your health and well-being and how to care for you accordingly.  In my nutritional workshops I show you everything you need to know for it.  What is my "why"?  I did not have much self-confidence and was chronically ill for many years. I know the pain of being trapped, I know how self-hating feels, but I also know that there is the opportunity to change that. My mission is to help as many people as possible to wake up and flower their garden of uniqueness.

See you soon, I'm looking forward to seeing you!

Yours, Verena

On a trip to India I spent seven days in an ashram in the forest of Rishikesh, directly on the mother river Ganga. Through this experience, the path of yoga opened for me and I became familiar with the yogic lifestyle and its facets. Keep this treasure for me ...? I had to share the experiences!

That same year, I trained as a yoga teacher.

Yoga can have many meanings. For everyone, what makes yoga experience. For me it is connection. The connection that I make to my students. The connection that nature seeks for me. The connection that I build up to myself.

I would like to share this with you and let you become a part of it, while we communicate with our body through yoga. From outside and inside.

We come out of our usual comfort zone through unaccustomed efforts for body and mind in a lightness and bliss that fills us when we let body and mind be.

I look forward to seeing you and the new energy you bring with you.


Hare Om Tat Sat

Love of the universe, the infinite truth


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