The two most important days of your life are the day you were born and the day you figure out why." Mark Twain

Do you sometimes have the impression that you are just spinning in circles, that you feel like you are being trapped in yourself? Do you often think that everyone else masters their lives better than you? Do you constantly feel that you are doing everything wrong? Are you often disappointed in yourself?

In this retreat, you begin to awake: Why has my life gone the way it has been? Where does my way of thinking come from? Why do I keep pushing my dreams? Why do I always get to know a similar type of person? Where does my illness come from? How does my diet affect my way of thinking, acting and feeling?

Transformation: With the help of energy sessions, individual coaching, yoga, soul food, workshops on nutrition and the gained knowledge, we give you wings. Climb out of the ashes like the phoenix, overcome the negative thoughts about yourself and live your heart's truth just like that.


At some point in our lives, we have stopped questioning our "I am" and are stagnant. We accompany you on your unique journey and show you how to tell a new and more positive story about yourself. Our most important concern is that you begin to consciously perceive yourself and your life and realize how significant they are.

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Energy Sessions
  • 3 individual energy sessions based on Matrix and Access Consciousness Bars to rebalance and cleanse your body mentally, physically and emotionally

Life Coaching
  • 3 individual coaching lessons plus exercises that you can practice during the retreat and at home.


Nutrition Workshops & Coaching
  • Keynote speeches on nutrition: How do which foods affect my body? - Detox program / Intermittent fasting - Rich brunch buffet and dinner based on the principles of nutritional medicine and Paleo

Group Coaching
  • In the group, Verena instructs you with exercises to strengthen the self-esteem of you and the other participants. In this context you also start to show more and more of your new discovered self from the coachings.

  • In daily yoga sessions and meditations, you connect with your body and feel what feelings you have been wearing unlived for years.

Overnight in a double room
  • You will be having a 7-nights-stay in a beautiful double room on a beautiful finca in the north of Majorca. The finca and its grounds offer plenty of space for you and your intimacy. - In addition, the property offers a saltwater pool with stunning views, a sauna and animals.



These are our customer opinions

“I had a lot of stress, a lot of changes in a relatively short time and decided to go to Bruno. I didn’t know what to expect, I only knew that he works with energy. I figured I had nothing to lose and I surely could take some advantage of it. We did a total of 5 sessions but after the first one already, I felt an enormous difference inside of myself. I began to live my life in a much more conscious way, with everything I saw and how I behaved. I became calmer and forgave myself – I found myself (again). In another session I had a strong dental inflammation and at the end of the day, I walked out of the door without any pain. I recommend you meet Bruno, whether you’re feeling well or not. At the end, you will go home with a new perspective.” Natalie

“She helped me to become more active and to feel good in my own skin. It’s unbelievable how fast my life has changed. Finally, I can wake up without pain and enjoy my day like any other human. Thank you, thank you!” Mara

“In one of the worst moments of my life, with little joy in life, I had the worst back pain. That pain forbade me to pursue my passion for dancing. Then Bruno came into my life, the person who gave me the hope to make my dream come true. If you believe in miracles, one day the person will come into your life to help you in your greatest need, and that was Bruno, who after several sessions, did not let my pain come back. It was awful, not to be able to complete all the exercises. Then, unexpectedly, I could normally move again. I believe that he protected me to fall into depression when he saw me being helpless. I can’t thank this person enough, who brought me back to my passion. I put all my trust in his hands with the result that my life has completely changed. I could suddenly do things I never thought I’d be able to do. I have understood that only the energy of Faciliator Bruno was missing. After that, another big surprise came when Verena stepped into Bruno’s life (Personal Coach and Nutritional Consultant). Together they are a great team full of energy. A big thank you to both of them.” Lucy

“The Coaching with Verena was extremely inspiring. She had shown me blockages, which I didn’t know anything about. I feel so incredibly free and full of energy. At first, I was skeptical about the Paleo-diet but now I don’t want anything else.” Nadine

“Those of us who have Trigeminal Neuralgia (Ticks), know that this is a very special pain. I had to live with it for several months. Bruno was by my side with his holistic tools. I learnt not to fight against the pain and to harmonize my energy. I thank you so much for guiding me with your energy. I hope that many of you can benefit from these techniques and tools as well.” David

“I would have never thought that I could have so much more energy in such a short time. By now, I am good at saying “no” whenever my friends offer me unhealthy things. In general, I feel like, not only has my nutrition changed, but also my whole being. It’s nice that Verena doesn’t only advise but really coaches. That helped me to change myself permanently.” Sandra

“I had two foot surgeries following pain, that never stopped. Bruno offered a session when I visited him. I was skeptical at first but let myself be convinced. Bruno does only give positive impulses. With the energy that he gave me during those sessions, my foot didn’t hurt anymore. Through his charisma, Bruno finds the words and solutions to our problems. Thank you for everything that you’ve done for me and especially for being such a great person. May you reap the fruits of all the beautiful seeds that you have sown.” Hélene

“During a conversation with Verena it can sometimes happen that tears roll. Tears of relief because you finally understand why the things are how they are. I can highly recommend her and her empathetic being.” Louisa

“Hello, my name is Dana…I already had sessions and can say that the first one was honestly very special. I had very realistic and breathtaking memories in this stadium. The second and third ones were special as well. Every time after that I had much more energy and knew that anything was possible. There are no words! Thank you, Bruno, that I was able to meet you and that you have shared your energy with me.” Dana


We want to get to know you!

After your registration for the retreat, we will arrange a meeting with you in advance to adjust to your individual needs.

We pick you up!

Not just from your personal situation about which you would like to work, but as well from the airport.  For you to arrive well and safely with us, we have organized a shuttle service that will take you to the outlying finca.